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New Titles - Selected from the library collection

Showcase of new Princeton Seminary faculty books as well as a selection of new reference and general collection titles.

New Books

Book cover: Singing church history : introducing the Christian story through hymn texts
Book cover: The Routledge Handbook of Megachurches
Book cover: A Transpacific Imagination of Theology, Ethics, and Spiritual Activism
Book cover: Personalizing the Pandemic: Experiences of Theological & Religious Studies Librarians During COVID-19
Book cover: An Asian American Theology of Liberation by Wong Tian An
Book cover: Ecoflourishing and virtue : Christian perspectives across the disciplines
Book cover: Biblical women speak: hearing their voices through new and ancient midrash
Book cover: Guide me into your truth : essays in honor of Dennis T. Olson
Book cover: Divine Style: Walt Whitman and the King James Bible
Book cover: Preaching Romans from here : diverse voices engage Paul's most famous letter
Book cover: Reading the Song of Songs in a #MeToo Era : women, sex, and public discourse
Book cover: Decolonial Horizons : Reimagining Theology, Ecumenism and Sacramental Praxis
Book cover: Decolonial Horizons : Reshaping Synodality, Mission, and Social Justice
Photo of NRSVue Holy Bible : with Deuterocanonical / Apocryphal books of the Old Testament
Book cover: Cristianismos decoloniais : perspectivas latinxs e latino-americanas
Book cover: The Legacy of Hans W. Frei
Book cover: The Cambridge History of Reformation Era Theology
Book cover: A three-dimensional Jesus : an introduction to the synoptic gospels
Book cover: After Method : Queer Grace, Conceptual Design, and the Possibility of Theology
Book cover: Poetic living : theological education, culture, and pastoral ministry : essays in honor of M. Craig Barnes
Book cover: Alterity and the evasion of justice: explorations of the
Book cover: La Terre martyre
Book cover: Do black lives matter? : how Christian scriptures speak to Black empowerment
Book cover: The disabled God revisited : Trinity, Christology, and liberation
Book cover: Interconnectivity, Subversion, and Healing in World Christianity: Essays in honor of Joel Carpenter
Book cover: Mark's Gospel : history, theology, interpretation
Book cover: The Afterlife of the Shoah in Central and Eastern European Cultures: Concepts, Problems, and the Aesthetics of Postcatastrophic Narration
Book cover: The Godbearing life : the art of soul tending for youth ministry, Revised Edition
Book cover: Fractured ground : preaching in the wake of mass trauma
Book cover: World Christianity and Interfaith Relations

New Titles in the Collection

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