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Reference Guides

Subject guides for the Reference Collection at the Theodore Sedgwick Wright Library

Biblical Studies Guide

The Bibilical Studies reference guide is a road map to important call number ranges in biblical studies and to noteworthy titles in those ranges. Titles marked with *** are available electronically; links can be found on a second tab under Biblical Studies.

The New Interpreter's Bible One Volume Commentary

REF BS491.3 .N46 2010

Biblical Studies

*** indicates the title is available electronically (links below); PTS user name/password required


Bible Concordances
Works about the Bible
Works about the Old Testament
Works about the New Testament
Dictionaries, Handbooks, Encyclopedia 



 Hebrew BS15.2; BS715

Greek OT (LXX) BS41.2

 Greek NT BS65.5; BS1965

Latin (Vulgate) BS75

 English BS125-BS196

 Tanakh BS896

 Other European languages BS315-BS355

 Non-European languages BS315-BS355

 Interlinear texts Hebrew/English BS3.5; BS15.2; BS1232

 Greek OT/English BS742

 Greek NT/English BS1965

 Bible Concordances

Hebrew BS1121

 Greek OT BS1122

 Greek NT BS2302

English BS425

 Works about the Bible

Dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias BS440-BS443

History of the Bible BS445-BS472

 Commentaries (whole Bible) BS482-BS498

 Criticism and interpretation BS500-BS534

 Works about the Old Testament

 OT introductions BS1171-BS1176

 OT theologies BS1192

 OT text criticism BS1185

Commentaries BS1235-BS1655

 OT apocrypha and pseudepigrapha BS1692-BS1830

 Dead Sea Scrolls BM487

 Works about the New Testament

 NT introductions BS2330-BS2364

 NT theologies BS2397

 NT text criticism BS1930-BS2385

 Commentaries BS2575-BS2825

NT apocrypha and pseudepigrapha BS2832-BS2940

 Works about the Bible

Dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedia

 Single volume

Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible BS440 .E372 2000

 HarperCollins Bible Dictionary BS440 .H237 1996

 Macmillan Dictionary of the Bible BS440 .S44 1998

New Bible Dictionary BS440 .D68


Anchor Bible Dictionary BS440 .A54 1992

 Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible BS440 .B26 1998

Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible BS440 .I63 1962

 New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible BS440 .N445 2006


Cambridge Companion to the Bible BS445.3 .C26 2008***

 Cambridge History of the Bible BS445 .C17 1980

Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible BS445 .O9 2001***


 Single volume

 Collegeville Bible Commentary BS491.2 .C66 1989

HarperCollins Bible Commentary BS491.2 .H37 2000

Oxford Bible Commentary BS491.2 .O94 2001***

New Interpreter's Bible One-Volume Commentary BS491.3 .N46 2010

 Women’s Bible Commentary BS491.2 .W66 1992


 Anchor Bible Commentary BS491.2 .A53

 Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture BS491.2 .A54

Interpretation: a Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching BS491.2 .I57

New Century Bible Commentary BS491.2 .N48

 New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary BS491.2 .N484

 Word Biblical Commentary BS491.2 .W92 2008

*** indicates the title is available electronically; PTS user name/password required